Pig Wars #2:  Attack of the Hippos 

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 Previously in the Pig Universe, in a land where almost everything was conquered there was peace, no hunger, no wars, no disease and even death was conquered. The only thing not conquered was the evil Land of the Lions. Three extraordinary pigs who were the only hope to save the universe and beyond. Adam and Trent have found an experienced samurai named Wind who is very strong who will be willing to help and protect them from the dangers of the galaxy them save the universe and beyond.

  The three wealthy pigs, Wind, Adam and Trent  were going to hire people to construct a tunnel with a train to their old house to do an expansion with more space, a trampoline, a catapult for going from one house to another and a rocket ship to go to space with the help of some builders in the village. They sold their food from their previous adventure’s where they found an abundance of food to obtain money to expand their old house. 

    After a few days, the news spread on the Planet, Haltor, about the defeat of Wolf, so Wind, Adam and Trent decided to go to the other planet after saying goodbye to their beloved dad to check out the news. They went out far into space just to see the news of the defeat of Wolf. Not so later, they found a TV announcing, “Three pigs have defeated the undefeatable Wolf! Pigs, come to the telephone tower to get your reward! “Wow, I never knew we would become famous on another planet!” said Wind. “Let’s go check it out!” said Adam.

  As they went to the telephone tower, someone was chasing them with a gun in his hand shooting Wind, Adam and Trent, mostly Wind. They went inside their rocket ship to escape to the telephone tower, but the bounty hunter hijacked another rocket ship in the spaceport that they landed in to catch them. They flew a little lower and Trent took out the Lava Stick and jumped to the other rocket ship and jammed the buttons, but the bounty hunter smacked Trent down.

  Trent fell down one thousand feet, but he fell into the rocketship right on his seat. This time, Wind, Adam and Trent used the blasters to shoot down the rocket ship that the bounty hunter used, now he escaped into a nearby bar. Adam said, “Should we find out who was that guy who was chasing us before we go to the telephone tower?” “Yes.” Trent replied. They chased down the bounty hunter out of the bar, because the bar was too crowded. After the bounty hunter got cornered, Adam questioned, “Who sent you?” “I was sent by a man named Joe.” the bounty hunter replied. Then, the bounty hunter was shot by Joe with a bullet that weakened him. Wind asked, “Which planet is he on?” “I…don’t….know.,” he said. Then, he fell to the ground, dead. Trent took the bullet and observed it closely. “This bullet is not like any bullet I have ever seen. “Let’s go to the telephone tower to get our reward.” They agreed. 

  When Wind, Adam and Trent  came to the telephone tower, they were greeted by a Pigii. “You must train to be a Pigii, this means you shall save the universe and beyond!” Their first mission was to find where the bullet came from to stop the person who was creating the bullet that they had found. When they came inside, they found several more Pigii. Wind showed the bullet to one of them and he said, “Planet tracker we have that finds where something came from. He led them to a room with a giant holographic 3D map and a small case. They put the mystery bullet in the small case and inserted it into the Planet Tracker and it said, “The bullet was from: Kamino the planet of Hippo Clones. “Oh no”, A Pigii said.

  Wind decided to go to Kamino and Trent decided to go back to the Land of the Piggies, while Adam was training to become a Pigii.

   When Wind ended his voyage at the planet Kamino, which was raining heavily, Kamino, he was greeted by an alien. The alien said, “Welcome we have been expecting you” “Uh okay?” Wind said suspiciously. “You must be cold, come inside where it would be warm.” the alien said. So, when Wind came inside, he saw cloning machines with weird looking hippos equipped with deadly guns on their back going through making exact copies of themselves. He also saw Liths (The enemy side’s soldiers) being trained. “They obey everything their master tells them” The alien said. Then, they came to the leader, Joe. Joe said, “Hello, I have been expecting you. I have been making Hippo Clones.” “Okay”, Wind said suspiciously “Thank you for your service, you can leave us alone now”, Joe said to the alien. “As I was saying, I was creating Hippo Clones whose only desire is to serve me.”  With that said, Wind ran back to his rocket ship and took out his lava stick and ran back inside to kill Joe. His son said, “Daddy look!”

  Then, Joe turned around and said, “Did you want to fight? Bring it on!” Joe shot Wind with a bright red light. Wind reflected with his lava stick, the beam of destructive energy onto the fortress, for a second, it created a bright flash, then nothing happened. Then, they went to melee combat. Lava stick in hand, sword in hand, Wind struck his lava stick at his deadly, sharp sword, and then the deadly sword broke into two pieces. Joe shot his grappling hook at Wind, then he jumped down to the lower parts of the large fortress. Wind was dragged down to the bottomless sea, but he started to climb the wet, slippery walls of the large fortress until he was a few meters above Joe. Then, he used his lava stick to cut the grappling string off his hand. But Joe had a few tricks up his sleeves. He used electricity sparks to slow his descent down to the bottomless sea, while Wind was continuing his descent.

  Wind grabbed Joe and jumped onto his rocket ship. He escaped the planet Kamino and went back to the planet Haltor, but Joe followed and he released Sonic Charges. “You can’t escape now, Wind!” Joe said. Wind went into the asteroid field, but the Sonic Charges followed and hit an asteroid. The impact and shockwave caused both of the rocket ships to go off trail. Luckily, Wind recovered very quickly, while Joe was still dazed by the sonic explosion. He retreated to Haltor to meet Adam, who was training to be a Piggii. “I have escaped but I did not manage to kill or weaken any of the assets that Joe has been cloning and I also found out that Joe was going to start a war with his deadly Hippos Clones with the Pigii. ” Wind said.

  Trent had something different on his mind when he reached the Land of the Piggies. Their dad was fighting to stay alive.  “Dad!” Trent said. “Trent, you have grown so much, but my life is complete.” Trent’s dad said, weakly. Then he died. “No!!!” Trent yelled. Out of rage, he killed every hostile creature close to him with his Lava Stick. 

  After his mad rage, Trent used his hoverbike to a mysterious tower. Trent crept up the stairs only to discover Liths discussing ways to attack the Pigii with the deadly Hippo Clones.“First, we shall attack using the Hippo Clones we have been cloning for years. Then, we shall use the divergent to take over the Pigii!”

  Trent couldn’t wait any long.Trent took some armor to protect himself from any dangers lurking in any corner. Trent got out of there with his hoverbike to the cloning factory to destroy it. Before he even entered the cloning factory, the Hippo Clones attacked Trent. Trent fought back with his lava stick. Trent sliced in half the closest Hippo Clone that was charging towards him, but before Trent clobbered the third one, a Hippo Clone used a heavy laser gun to unleash bright, red, deadly lasers flying towards Trent. Trent used his lava stick to deflect the laser to a Hippo Clone. The laser pierced through each Hippo Clone who was unlucky for the laser to cross the laser’s path. Trent destroyed the cloning machines before the Hippo Clones would charge at Trent from behind. 

Trent advanced to the part where they would be armed and buffed into strong soldiers. Trent used the same technique to destroy the Hippo Clones and the cloning machines. After the battle, Trent found a small, beaten up, machine beeping at Trent as if he might be able to repair him for battle. Trent agreed. Trent advanced to the arena and found Wind tied in chains with his girlfriend, Riley, Wind made while training to be a Pigii. “I’m glad you came, Trent.” Wind said sarcastically. The Hippo Clones tied Trent and the machine onto a pillar that was made of a mysterious material. “Hello feeble Pigii, welcome to our Death Arena you Pigii must face the Three Deadly Challenges!” an evil alien said. The alien crowds cheered. “May the First Deadly Challenges. Begin!” the evil alien said.

  First, a creature with spiky legs that shook the ground with every step. The deadly creature slowly charged at Wind, Riley and Trent. “This is so unfair!” Trent said, angry. Wind struck his lava stick on the chains, sending them falling onto the ground. He did the same thing with the other two. Wind struck the creature’s legs, while Trent and Riley distracted the creature. Soon the creature fell to the ground with a thud, dead. 

  “May the Second Deadly Challenge begin!” the evil alien said. This creature was somewhat harder than the first one. It was a leopard with razor sharp claws and it was quite fast. The leopard charged directly to Riley and scratched her on the back with its razor sharp claws and a lot of blood spilled out of her delicate back. Riley ran to get the chain before the beast would clobbered into pieces. She tied the chain on the deadly beast’s neck tightly so that it would suffocate the creature. After a minute, the merciless creature fell to the ground, dead.

  “May the Third Deadly Challenge begin!” a giant robot appeared shooting bright, red lasers at Trent. Trent jumped behind the robot and shot it with his gun. The laser from the gun didn’t penetrate through the steel on the robots protected back, it just reflected onto the ground. The large robot turned around and shot Trent with more lasers. Trent dodged them. Trent jumped high while turning on his Lava Stick, slicing the behemoth’s thighs in half. The robot’s laser cannon was disabled and the robot also was parlyzed. This gave Trent an easy target; he sliced the chest. The robot nor the aliens expected this outcome. The robot fell to the ground, disabled.

  “What!!!” the alien exclaimed. “We won fair and square, you nasty alien!” Wind said. “Unleash the Hippo Clones and destroy these feeble Pigii!” he said. Thousands of Hippo Clones, Hippo Laser Snipers and Hippo Soldiers emerged from the iron gates. Wind, Riley and Trent bravely fought the Hippo Clones but they were no match for the whole army. Wind called in reinforcements to support their three man army. “Adam!” Wind shouted. “Nice to see you back.” Adam said, smiling. The Pigii were losing, until a whole new battalion of Pigii and robot soldiers in fighter planes came in to fight. In the end they have won the war between the Pgii Hippo Clones.

  After the small celebration, Wind, Adam, Trent and Riley investigated what the evil alien was up to. After the group caught up to the alien, he said “Hello feeble Pigii, you may have defeated my Hippo Clones, but you’re too late! I am unstoppable!” He used  his blaster to shoot Adam. Adam screamed in tremendous pain. He also shot Trent but his armor blocked most of the blast but he fell to the ground. When the megalomaniac shot Wind, he reflected the laser with his Lava Stick. It reflected down to the ground. The alien also pulled out his Lava Stick. “I will fight you down to my last breath.” the alien said. Wind charged towards the alien yelling at the top of his lungs. The alien blocked while doing a quick slash near his torso. Wind screamed at the top of his lungs while the major injury beamed red. When the alien almost clobbered Wind into smithereens, Trent recovered, almost killing the enemy. The alien blocked. Wind threw his Lava Stick to Trent. Trent fought bravely, but the alien was surely stronger, ending with Trent’s right hand being amputated. The alien advanced to Riley, who was conscious enough to see what was happening, but she still couldn’t move. Trent leaped in the air and kicked the alien, sending him falling back into the rocketship that he used to transport him to the Land of the Piggies. “Y-You saved my life.” Riley said.”It is my duty,” Trent said. Out of gratitude, Trent and Riley married. Wind checked on Adam if he was okay, but  he was too weak to get something out of his mouth except “Wind my my friend, train the boy, Trent. Train the boy. Train him.” Then he died. “No!!!” Wind exclaimed.

 One Pigii said, “The Hippo Wars have just begun”

                                                THE END

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  1. Atesh McKilligan says:

    Ultimate story. Very good. Even better than the prequel. I rate it a 10/5. Bodhi is great. I look forward to more of his works.

    Atesh McKilligan

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