Pig Wars #1 Phantom Wolf (Prequel)

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Icon Jun 6, 2022

By Bodhi Jain

Once upon a time inside a tiny cottage, there lived three poor little pigs. Their names were (Oldest to Youngest) Wind, Adam and Trent. These poor pigs couldn’t find any way to get food other than their mother, Wendy walking all the way to the forest to get hardly any berries. One day, on her way back, she overheard a group of deadly bounty hunters with masks and blades. One of them said, ”We have made a grave mistake by hexing the land that makes almost no plants grow, we must hunt animals instead of growing plants to eat.” Wendy gasped. One of the deadly hunters said, “Not so far away, I see a pig. Let’s roast that pig!” So they captured Wendy and then cooked her to eat. After that, she was in their bellies. Then, they retreated home before the dangers of the night came to taunt them, because of the bad deeds they have done.

However, Wind, Adam and Trent knew none of this, so they waited patiently for days, but their mother never returned. Two days later, Wind found a letter hanging on a dead tree’s trunk with an iron dagger piercing through the letter saying, “The land has been hexed by a horrible person that makes almost no plants grow. You must find a way to kill this horrible person with your brothers. -Wolf

P.S. Your mother, Wendy, died from a group of bounty hunters, but I know there will be a farm full of food that will appear if you defeat him. He also took the iron dagger to kill the person.”

  Wind’s mind flooded with questions. Why did Wolf choose me? How do I recognize who he is? How do I defeat him? 

     Wind bursted into tears and showed this letter to the other two starving pigs and announced, “Our mother has died to a group of bounty hunters, but I have found a way to get an abundance of food.” Five minutes later, they used the map Wolf has given them to meet him for the energy to kill the horrible person who has hexed the land. Though this journey took more than a day, as he promised, he fed them a whole feast complete with drinks, like lemonade, apple juice and root beer. When they were about to leave his mansion, he blocked the door and looked quite different.

    “Never trust a wolf. And I am the one who has killed your mother. Now, you shall work for me, but every week one of you will be trapped in an enormous pot until all three of you will be trapped in it, then you will get roasted like your mother. Now put on your cuffs.”

  “One disobeyment, your hands and legs will fall off.

One disobeyment, you will be trapped inside an enormous pot.

One disobeyment, and you will suffer.

One disobeyment, you will be stolen by a mad scientist and mutated into a giant fire breathing chicken. ” Wolf said with an evil grin.

So, he gave them a schedule of chopping wood, cooking and cleaning the house. 

    Two weeks later, Wind’s brothers were stuck in the enormous pot. He was the only one not trapped in the enormous pot, but only one day until Wind, Adam and Trent would be roasted. It was time to escape. He used the knife from the kitchen to cut through the cuffs and sneaked out of the mansion. He retreated to a nearby village and bought a shrink ray and a growth ray. Then, he shrunk down to the size of a gumball and opened the lid of the pot so that his brothers would be free. While Wolf was still napping, they put the cuffs on Wolf so that he would be stuck in bed. Then, they woke him up and asked him, “Are you the person who has hexed the land?” Wolf said, “No, there is a lion asset outside that I work for who has hexed the land.”

  They ran outside after he cuffed Wolf so that he would be stuck kissing his lovely bed forever, and Wind threw the iron dagger at the lion. The pain was so strong that he fell unconscious and fell into the pit he set up so anyone who would run to him would fall in.  Then, a large garden full of food appeared out of nowhere and the three little pigs had as much as they could. They lived in Wolf’s large mansion, because they thought they deserved it. And no one’s tummy ever grumbled ever again.

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  1. Atesh McKilligan says:

    This was by far one of my favorite stories. I would read it again and again if I did not have other stories to read. I rate it 5/5 stars. Amazing book. I totally recommend it. Bodhi, you are an artist.

    Atesh McKilligan

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