Minecraft rules and how to break them

  1. Never dig straight down. Break it by: Dig a 1 by 2 hole and dig the block that your not standing on.
  2. Never dig straight up. Break it by: Putting a torch under you.
  3. Always carry a bucket of water. Break it by: Going to the Nether and if you pour the water down it’s going to evaporate. So why carry it there?
  4. Never enter the nether without a flint and steel with 10 obsidian or more. Break it by: Finding some in nether fortresses. And if you can’t find it read this: Kill a wither skeleton and it will drop coal. Next kill a ghast, it will drop gunpowder. Last is a blaze, kill it and it will drop a blaze rod, turn the blaze rod into blaze powder. Then combine everything in your 2 by 2 crafting interface into a fire charger relight your portal.
  5. Food is your friend. Break it by: Eating a puffer fish, a spider eye, and a poisonous potato.
  6. Crouch is key. Break it by: Wearing elytra and walk off the edge before falling. Place fireworks to go up.
  7. Light up your base. Break it by: Not light up your base.

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