How chess pieces move

The first one is the pawn the pawn from where it starts could move 2 spaces forward but then they move one you could also move one space on home could move 1 space. The power of pawns could do promotion when they move to the other side. Promotion means they could turn into a knight,a queen,a bishop,or a rook.

Next is the Bishop. Bishops go diagonal and that is all what they do but they have a lot of uses once you reached intermediate and higher.

The knight moves like a L 2 in a straight line and then one side in left or right. They jump over pieces.That is all what they do and they have a bunch more stuff to do but this is there movement.

The queen is the most powerful because its a bishop and a rook together it protects the most important piece it is the king.

The second weakest piece in the gamethe second weakest piece is the king its kind of like the queen but it only moves one space.

Finally is the rook its a very useful piece in endgames. It moves up,down, left, and right.

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  1. Bodhi is right on all the moves . You shall : I always try my best to kill Dadaji’s queen first & then try to defeat him .

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