All about my India trip

1. India is one of the oldest places in the world.

2. It is up to 100 centuries.

3. Their creations are almost up to 100 centuries.

4. The culture in Indian food is a kind of buffet called Thali.

5. Thali is food that is served in a big round platter with lots of small dishes and bowls.

6. Instead of using American dollars they use Indian rupees.

7. Each dollar is about 70 rupees.

8. They sell on roads.

9. From New York to India is 17 hours.

10. India’s capital is New Delhi.

11. Its continent is Asia

12. They sell chai and Indian noodles as well.

13. They don’t celebrate the year festivals, they celebrate Diwali. It’s an extra, extra special holiday.

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  1. Bodhi , you have done a nice write up . Very good English too . You deserve a prize of $5.00 from Dadaji & I have reserved for you .
    Good boy .
    Love you Bodhi .

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