13 facts about my website!!!!!!!!!

  1. Bodhi.cc is a website!

2. I had trouble picking a name.

3. Most of them cost over $80.

4. They were good names but some cost $1,000,000 or more

5. I liked most of them but some cost 1,400,028.

6. This one cost 16.99.

7. There was one that was called Bodhi.buzz, it cost 0.99 next year it would cost 42.99. That’s a lot.

8. I tried Bodhi.com and it was already taken.

9. My father thought about

 Bodhi.cc and I agreed.

10. I agreed 59% and disagreed 41%

11. I like this website.

12. I want to raise at least 15.00 with this website.

13. I want to say bye and try your own website. And write your blog on google docs if its blocked then ask your parents to unblock that site or use different site thats unblocked.

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