How chess pieces move

The first one is the pawn the pawn from where it starts could move 2 spaces forward but then they move one you could also move one space on home could move 1 space. The power of pawns could do promotion when they move to the other side. Promotion means they could turn into a knight,a queen,a bishop,or a rook.

Next is the Bishop. Bishops go diagonal and that is all what they do but they have a lot of uses once you reached intermediate and higher.

The knight moves like a L 2 in a straight line and then one side in left or right. They jump over pieces.That is all what they do and they have a bunch more stuff to do but this is there movement.

The queen is the most powerful because its a bishop and a rook together it protects the most important piece it is the king.

The second weakest piece in the gamethe second weakest piece is the king its kind of like the queen but it only moves one space.

Finally is the rook its a very useful piece in endgames. It moves up,down, left, and right.

All about flying cars and under ground tunnels

  1. Elon Musk invented underground tunnels.
  2. There are not many flying cars so my dream is to make one.
  3. Flying cars are 200mph in the air. Cars in underground tunnels are 150mph.
  4. You might think about wild animals be inside the answer is no because he made them in the city and it senses if its a tesla.
  5. There is a chance that it could crash into a building a kill many people.

5 differences from India and United States of America

1. In India they sell on the roadsides sometimes but in America they sell in stores.

2. India is crowded in some places sometimes and America has not as many crowded places because India has more population of people then in any other country.

3. India’s history is thousands of centuries old and America is 450 years old because India was found before America.

4. India was named after the river Indus and America got named by Columbus.

5. Both America and India are old but India’s history is ancient.

Minecraft rules and how to break them

  1. Never dig straight down. Break it by: Dig a 1 by 2 hole and dig the block that your not standing on.
  2. Never dig straight up. Break it by: Putting a torch under you.
  3. Always carry a bucket of water. Break it by: Going to the Nether and if you pour the water down it’s going to evaporate. So why carry it there?
  4. Never enter the nether without a flint and steel with 10 obsidian or more. Break it by: Finding some in nether fortresses. And if you can’t find it read this: Kill a wither skeleton and it will drop coal. Next kill a ghast, it will drop gunpowder. Last is a blaze, kill it and it will drop a blaze rod, turn the blaze rod into blaze powder. Then combine everything in your 2 by 2 crafting interface into a fire charger relight your portal.
  5. Food is your friend. Break it by: Eating a puffer fish, a spider eye, and a poisonous potato.
  6. Crouch is key. Break it by: Wearing elytra and walk off the edge before falling. Place fireworks to go up.
  7. Light up your base. Break it by: Not light up your base.


  1. There are many choices on where to travel to because there are many countries.

2. My favorite place is India and my second favorite is California.

3. If you want know about India please click on this link to another post.

4. Some places are hot like Africa.

5. The hottest place in the world is Death Valley.

6. I live about 100 miles west of Death Valley

7. Some places are cold like Antarctica.

8. Antartica is the coldest place in the world.

9. The largest continent is Europe.

10. It’s good to write what you saw in your travels. You might even see something new.

All about my India trip

1. India is one of the oldest places in the world.

2. It is up to 100 centuries.

3. Their creations are almost up to 100 centuries.

4. The culture in Indian food is a kind of buffet called Thali.

5. Thali is food that is served in a big round platter with lots of small dishes and bowls.

6. Instead of using American dollars they use Indian rupees.

7. Each dollar is about 70 rupees.

8. They sell on roads.

9. From New York to India is 17 hours.

10. India’s capital is New Delhi.

11. Its continent is Asia

12. They sell chai and Indian noodles as well.

13. They don’t celebrate the year festivals, they celebrate Diwali. It’s an extra, extra special holiday.

13 facts about my website!!!!!!!!!

  1. is a website!

2. I had trouble picking a name.

3. Most of them cost over $80.

4. They were good names but some cost $1,000,000 or more

5. I liked most of them but some cost 1,400,028.

6. This one cost 16.99.

7. There was one that was called, it cost 0.99 next year it would cost 42.99. That’s a lot.

8. I tried and it was already taken.

9. My father thought about and I agreed.

10. I agreed 59% and disagreed 41%

11. I like this website.

12. I want to raise at least 15.00 with this website.

13. I want to say bye and try your own website. And write your blog on google docs if its blocked then ask your parents to unblock that site or use different site thats unblocked.